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Illuminate your maze to escape


Meet Bowtie Guy!

A doorway opens in a dark maze.  Your glowing, smiling Bowtie Guy appears in the doorway and illuminates the immediate surrounding maze...

But, he won't be smiling for long unless you can navigate through the dark maze, illuminating it as you go.  Find the way out before the maze’s illumination fades and your Bowtie Guy loses his energy.

As the Bowtie Guy's energy level drains his expression becomes increasingly sad and he begins to fade!

avatar and battery

Restore Your Glow!

You can restore Bowtie Guy's energy by seeking the power station batteries hidden along the maze. The batteries have a finite amount of power and will go dark once you've drained them.

wormhole and exit

Wormholes - Friend or Foe?

Your goal is to find the blue, glowing exit before your energy runs out, but also keep an eye out for wormholes!

Wormholes can be your friend, transporting you nearer the exit, or your nemesis, carrying you further away! Wormholes don't appear in all mazes, and on a few they may actually be your only chance to reach the exit.

purchase more levels

Score and More

Your goal is to conquer the mazes in the fewest attempts and in the shortest time.

IllumiMaze is free and comes with nine free mazes - three at each of the three levels - “Fun,” “Challenge,” and “Frustrating”.  Additional mazes can be purchased and unlocked.  The mazes can be played as often as you like.

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Built for iPhone and Android. Enjoy them both!

(And be sure to rate the app to encourage me to develop new mazes and new features!)