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silver scoresheet app

Silver Scoresheet

Need to track your werewolves? There's an app for that. The Silver Scoresheet app is free and can be used to keep score for any two- to four-player physical card game. Enter each player's scores at the end of each round and let the app total the round and game scores for you.

Tap the "Star" button to reset the scoresheet for the next game. Tap a second time to clear the players’ names.

Name change to protect the innocent. This is a simple app with a somewhat tricky story. The development environment I used to create this cross-platform app was Corona SDK. Corona is an amazing tool. Easy to learn. Easy to use. Compile one set of code to create a native Android or iOS app. Awesome. However, it does have its limitations, especially with how it handles text entry fields and keyboard support.

Solar 2d logoThis limitation became apparent when tabbing between fields on tablets. Android lets you track keyboard use, iOS doesn't! So, managing and tracking keyboard input to calculate subtotals and to tab over non-enterable fields turned out to be much more difficult than it should have been.

Making matters even more interesting, Corona Labs announced its transition from a business entity to an open source project and changed its name (you can probably guess the reason for the name change). The new open source project is Solar2d. In general I'm a big fan of open source projects, but they rely on the enthusiasm, passion, and hard work of contributors, lead developers, and donators. I sincerely hope Solar2d continues to be adopted and supported by app developers.

Now, go take care of your werewolf issues!